Words of wisdom PART 2

As promised, here is Part 2 ♥️ 
We have put together some words of wisdom from a few of our
past couples with their best advice for your wedding planning ♥️



“Always remember that you are a team, work together, don’t fight one another fight as a team. Communication is a foundation in a marriage.”
Vanessa & Kane

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“Your wedding day just flies by in the blink of an eye. Take a few moments at some point during the day to spend with your new husband & wife to just relish in that moment of happiness & love! Often you spend a lot of the day talking to & greeting everybody else, that you often forget to really be in the moment & enjoy the day with your new spouse.”
Alice & William

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“Take every single moment in, no matter how small. Let your emotions be free and don’t be afraid to let them take over you. We highly recommend to take some time away from everything as a couple to process everything. And, no matter what goes wrong – it’s all part of the day and your wedding will be perfect.”
Regine & Riley

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“Make time during the night/reception to spend a few moments just as a couple together. We chose to spend a few minutes capturing some night photos, with a sprinkle of rain, we captured some really beautiful photos and had a few moments to enjoy each other. During our reception we were so busy chatting with guests we really treasured those few quite moments together.”
Danielle & Brendan

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“Relax and enjoy every moment. Don’t stress about the little things!”
Lyn & Luke

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“Enjoy every moment! We honestly had the most perfect day of our lives – in the end remember it’s all about you two! Definitely do your research and invest in a good photographer as we have been SO thrilled with how our photos have turned out even though we ended up spending more than we intended to. Make sure you ask lots of questions as the function coordinators are amazing at Lyrebird and will be happy to help with anything! They also are able to provide lots of little things (e.g. wishing well, table numbers, clear umbrellas if needed) so check with them before buying your own. Lastly, allow yourself plenty of time on the day to get ready as things do take longer than you expect so that way you won’t have that extra stress before you’re even at the venue.”
April & Nick

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“Don’t sweat the small stuff, relax and enjoy every moment because the day flies by!”
Jovana & James

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“The day goes so fast- make sure you take some time for the two of you to soak it all in. Also have spare shoes!”
Louise & Luke

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“It’s not about the small things like the signs, flowers and place cards! Your wedding day is about the love you and your partner share and the life you want to spent together, so remember that and worry less about everything else. Lyrebird Falls are absolutely amazing, they will guide you through it all and organise everything perfectly!”
Adria & Luke

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“Remember the day is about you two. I am naturally a nervous person but the moment I saw Davyd when I turned around the corner all of my nerves faded away because all that mattered was him. Remember that the day is a celebration of love. Nothing else matters and all the finer details will fade away. Don’t rush the day away — it will fly by and appreciate every moment. Finally, share it with the people you love.”
Madi & Davyd

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