Words of wisdom

We have put together some words of wisdom from a few of our
past couples with their best advice for your wedding planning ♥️



“Both of you, grab a drink during the reception and disappear together for 10 minutes. Just sit and chat or sit and sip your drink away from everyone and enjoy being married. That was also a very special moment for us. Helped us enjoy the moment more.”
Ciaya & Brad

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“Communication is key, so is laughter. Make sure you laugh together every day. This is a stressful time, plan in advance, every one will appreciate it. Never underestimate another set of eyes on something, doesn’t always have to be your bridal party either, a new perspective can help shape your choice in a way you couldn’t have thought of on your own.”
Hayley & Nick

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“The day goes by extremely fast and no matter how much time you have it still doesn’t feel like enough so take a moment to look around and truly take it all in. AND if you can, book extra reception time.. you won’t want the night to end!! It truly is the BEST DAY EVER! Photo tip: Take a group photo with each table, this way you’ll have a photo with all your guests.”
Rachel & Matthew

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“Honestly, take it all in on the day. It absolutely flies by and it is important to take a moment with your new husband/wife and live in the moment. Best day of your lives.” 
Rachel & Ben

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“Make sure you eat!!!!”
Sarah & Daniel

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“Everyone is right when they say the day goes so fast, book as much extra time for your reception as you can. Plan some time just before you leave to take in the moment. Once you say I do and have had your photos, find a quiet place for the two of you for a few minutes, take it all in! And ask someone to take photos of you getting ready, with your bridal party, driving in the car, silly photo’s, and don’t forget the selfies with your new husband!! Make a “getting ready play list”, I still listen to our playlist, it keeps the memories and smiles flowing 🙂 And of course if there is something you are thinking about including in your ceremony or reception, don’t doubt it, just do it!!”
Melissa & Lucas

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“Everybody says this and we won’t say differently – enjoy every single moment of this precious day! From that feeling when you’re about to see each other for the first time, to the rose petals hitting you in your elated face when you’re heading back down the aisle. Take a moment to sit back and watch all of the people around you who love you both, because they’re there to celebrate LOVE with you and it’s the best feeling ever. If you can book in extra reception time – do! You will appreciate every second of it. Finally, you do you! It’s YOUR wedding – there are no rules. Ditch the things that make you uncomfortable.”
Hayley & Ben

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“Pre arrange a time for you and your husband/wife to meet during the night and take a quiet moment for just the two of you. I feel like I hardly saw my husband during the reception as there is so much going on and so many people to talk to.”
Alyssa & Brody

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“Don’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy everything as it comes and it’ll be the best day of your life. Take a moment to step back and look at your guests enjoying your special day.”
Jemma & Dylan

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We hope you enjoyed these words of wisdom!
Stay tuned for Part 2 ♥️